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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Yoga: It's Not Just Exercise, It's Religious Practice

A lot of people would pooh-pooh the idea that playing with a ouija board or taking the "Charlie Charlie Challenge" are spiritually dangerous and can be conduits for evil spirits. "They're just games," they might say. I was inclined to think that way about yoga until I had a serious conversation with a friend and did a little research. "It's just exercise and stretching." Well...maybe not.

 Some of yoga's practices are clearly dangerous. The whole idea of "emptying yourself" in meditation is the opposite of Christian meditation where you are "filled" with the Holy Spirit. A person who is sitting and chanting a mantra and trying to dispel any thoughts, deliberately empty himself, is like the man in the parable who has a demon which is driven out. The house is clean and swept...and empty. The devil goes out, finds seven devils worse than himself and returns to "fill up" the empty house. [Luke 11:26] 

Monday, February 8, 2016

I Didn't Watch the Super Bowl, but I Love This Ad! Two Thumbs Up for Doritos!

NARAL hates this ad so I'm going to Food Lion to buy a big supply of Doritos to say thank you! It's a smart choice on Doritos part. Let's face it, how many NARAL supporters have families. They're the anti-family organization. Promote pro-life and get the folks with lots of Doritos eaters purchasing your product. Eat your heart out, NARAL baby haters.

More here. 

Freemasonry: What all Catholics Should know about it!

By Chriss Rainey

The subject of Freemasonry is complicated. It has a long and mysterious history involving people across several continents and individuals whose personal reputations we often find difficult to criticize. My own father and grandfather were Freemasons My brother is also a Freemason, and though I have tried diligently to convince him to leave it, he is certain it is not what I believe it to be. I know these men to be good and decent fathers and husbands. I have lived with them and loved them; it is difficult to imagine they were involved in anything as ugly as Freemasonry has proven to be.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

What Is Our Lady Asking of Us? Prayer and Penance!

Four hundred years ago, Our Lady of Good Success appeared to a Spanish nun, Sr. Mariana de Jesus Torres,  in Quito, Ecuador and warned about a crisis in the Church arising at the end of the 19th century and becoming even worse after the middle of the 20th century. I'm going to be studying this approved apparition and sharing about it, not to frighten anyone, but to show how crucial it is to listen to Our Lady and respond to her call for her children to pray and sacrifice. The only solution to these evils is for faithful Catholics to grow in personal holiness and commit to lives of prayer and penance to help make up for "what's lacking in the suffering of Christ." What could possibly be lacking in the suffering of Christ? Our cooperation in his act of redemption. He won't force it, but wants us to offer it by conforming our will to His. What better time to embrace Christ's cross of suffering than during the holy season of Lent? Listen to our Blessed Mother and imitate her "Yes!"

Saturday, February 6, 2016

What Christian Women Can Expect as The "Religion of Peace" Gains a Greater Foothold in the West

Noor Amaleki murdered by father in "honor killing"
"Christian Girls are Meant for the Pleasure of Muslim Men"

I know a police office who arrested a street thug one day. The angry man told the officer he better watch out because he was going to get his wife and children. The officer took him aside for a private conversation and told him in effect, "If you ever hurt my family, the world won't be big enough for you to hide in. I will track you and find you and kill you." Needless to say, the thug who was a coward at heart, apologized and insisted he didn't really mean it.

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Great Idea: Stations of the Cross Workout Challenge for Lent!

Remember the ice bucket challenge? Well, there's a new challenge out there -- the Stations of the Cross Workout Challenge for Lent. First they do the prayer and workout; then they challenge others to do it as well.

A Saint for Our Time: St. Agatha, Virgin and Martyr

St. Agatha by Caravaggio
St. Agatha, one of the early Roman martyrs, lived during a time of tremendous sexual immorality. What is known of her is from the tradition of the Church. Wealthy and renowned for her beauty, many sought her in marriage, but she dedicated herself to God praying, "Jesus Christ, Lord of all, you see my heart, you know my desires. Possess all that I am. I am your sheep: make me worthy to overcome the devil."

A determined young woman, Agatha resisted the advances of a high Roman official, Quintian, who thought he could force her into an immoral relationship. When she spurned him he retaliated. As a judge, he sent her to a brothel where she refused the advances of the customers. Quintian had her tortured, her breasts cut off, and ordered her rolled in hot coals. Nevertheless, she prayed as she was dying, "Lord, my Creator, you have always protected me from the cradle; you have taken me from the love of the world and given me patience to suffer. Receive my soul."

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Is Zika Just a Scam?

Zika: vicious fraud: abortions at sea: the war on women

I blogged the other day posting an article about Zika from a holistic health point of view. I knew as soon as I saw the first articles linking Zika to birth defects that Zika would be used to scare women into having abortions and the article above illustrates just how accurate that was.

Pray for women considering abortion and support your local pregnancy help center. We can offer women better options than killing their children!

Don't Put Your Trust in Men! But Do the Best You Can at Election Time.

Under Cyrus, Israel was released from the Babylonian exile.
None of us should become a despairing cynic over the pitiful state of our country, but there's no virtue in being a starry-eyed idealist either. Let's face it.

Politics stinks!
The reason it stinks is that it involves politicians. Most of them are motivated by greed, human respect, and lust for power; and almost all put pragmatism above principle. So I wasn't surprised when an acquaintance sent me these two articles about Ted Cruz and urged me to reconsider my support:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Oregon Standoff and Its Connection to the Clintons...

Maybe This Is a Lot Bigger than People Think.

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation

Even the New York Times got into the act reporting on it. Was Bill's $500,000 payoff for a Moscow speech all about brokering the deal to get uranium for the Russians? Read more here.

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

You've Heard about the Zika Virus - Right?

Well, how much is hype and how much is legit? I have no idea, but here's an interesting article (below) that I read today and, guess what? We have the genetic engineers involved again. Are we seeing the law of unintended consequences at work?  Don't forget to take responsibility for your own health with common sense actions: healthy diet, no smoking, limited alcohol, Vitamin D, and a big dose of prayer and meditation which will help you to de-stress and remember that God is in control. If man would stop trying to play God we would all be much better off!

The Zika Virus 

Where are the Safe Zones for Christian Kids?

Let's raise our grandchildren to love Jesus on the cross!
Gay-Straight Clubs are NOT SAFE for Me!

"Woe to them who call evil good and good evil." [Isaiah 5:20]

We hear a lot about tolerance today: tolerance for homosexuals and lesbians pretending to be married and playing house, tolerance for couples who fornicate freely and kill their babies, tolerance for every kind of sexual deviancy, tolerance for those who shove their sins in our faces and demand we approve them, etc. But there's one group that cannot be tolerated and must be shamed into changing their beliefs or gagged into utter silence: