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Saturday, July 26, 2014

An Interesting Comparison of Nazi Policies with Today's Progressive Elites

Fr. Tom is always thought provoking. Here's an email he sent today with my comments in red. Remember, liberalism is a sin because it replaces God with man and His wisdom with big utopian ideas spawned in hell by the father of lies. Check out all the holocausts of the 20th century to see how well that worked.

Thanks, Father, for giving us something to think about-- again!

Hitler and his Nazi thugs maintained their power by employing certain techniques.
  • they cynically aroused and then appeased resentments against any who did not fit into their plans for an evolutionary advanced new world order; [Democrats use community organizing techniques to foster hatred and disunity between groups whether it's racial animosity or economic jealousy.]
  • they ignored or ridiculed evidence that contradicted their theories and agendas (e.g., Jesse Owens victories over the "Master Race" in the 1936 Olympics, Einstein's discoveries in quantum physics) [There's no such thing as a conservative black. All blacks who leave the liberal plantation are "Uncle Toms. They try to destroy them - like Clarence Thomas.]
  • they declared certain groups of humanity as sub-human, and then consigned them to either death or to slave labor; [Abort unborn babies, put the handicapped on a "different path" with regard to health treatment, and kill off the useless elderly by terminal sedation and assisted suicide.]
  • they proclaimed themselves and their agenda as being on the right side of history;
  • they promoted evolution as justification for eugenics and for the extermination of the "unfit" [ref. liberals love affair with  Planned Parenthood, a eugenics organization from the get-go.] 
  • they subjected scientific research to their political agenda; [ref. the global warming hoax where data is manipulated, scientists who disagree are denied publication, etc.]
  • they abused political power to intimidate or suppress any who did not agree or cooperate with them; [Note the destruction of their political enemies: the IRS persecution of conservative groups, etc.]
  • they redistributed the wealth of the "greedy rich Jews" in order to promote social justice. [Gotta stick it to those greedy rich conservatives, but hey, not the Hollywood liberals!]
Somehow, all this sounds like some of the things being promoted by the progressive elites in our own government today.

Lift Up Your Hearts and Join the Restoration of the Church

This episode of the Vortex really gave my heart a lift this morning. Not surprising. Beauty calls to the heart and the sanctuary at Church Militant TV is truly beautiful. If you have a beautiful sanctuary at your local church, praise God and spend some time there glorifying our beautiful Lord who resides in the tabernacle there. If you have an ugly church where it's hard to find Jesus because He's been relegated to a closet, spend some time there consoling our sorrowful Lord who continues to be crucified by so many who should honor Him. And please pray the Litany for our poor Church and for the restoration of the faith in America that is so badly needed.

Pray the Litany for the Church

Too Cruel for Capital Punishment but Great for Assisted Suicide?

Botched Execution in Arizona Causing Death Penalty Debate Used Assisted Suicide Drug

Leaving the moral issue of killing yourself aside for a moment, just take a look at the practical issues. Consider:
You're a nonbeliever with a terminal illness who abhors the thought of dying by inches dribbling and vomiting, etc. So you go along with the "compassionate dying" crowd who insist that killing yourself is easy and pleasant, no problemo -- except that the drugs leave you "gasp(ing) and snort(ing)", vomiting and having seizures for hours before you finally experience that blissful nirvana of the good death. Nice picture, eh?

I Love Fr. Z's Sense of Humor! Something We All Need These Days.

Things are never so bad that humor can't be poured on as balm. Think of all the martyrs who joked as they went to their deaths and other saints who made laughter part of their ministry. (Don't take my quotes literally; I'm writing them from memory.):

  •  St. Lawrence being cooked on a grill -- "Turn me over; I'm done on this side."
  • Thomas More moving his beard out of the way of the executioner's axe. "My beard has done no harm." Also, "See me safe up (onto the executioner's platform); as for my coming down, let me shift for myself"
  • St. Bernard of Clairvaux, on finding his monks trying to get rid of a swarm of flies in a church about to be dedicated, solemnly said to the pesky bugs, "I excommunicate all of you," giving his monks a hearty laugh.
  • St. Teresa of Avila didn't even mind tweaking the Lord. I think everyone has heard the story of when her carriage lost a wheel in a muddy stream leaving the nuns to wade out of the water. Hence her famous admonition to the Lord, "If you treat your friends like this, no wonder you have so few."
  • And then there is irrepressible Don Bosco. Some people thought he was crazy and wanted to have him institutionalized. They went to pick him up and take him to the insane asylum, but, knowing their intent, he insisted they get in first. As soon as they did, he slammed the door and called to the driver, "Quick! To the asylum; they're expected!"
Anyway, I appreciate Fr. Z's quick wit:

Happy bus in sight! (See the rest of the post -- with pictures -- here.)


And then there's this post about Pope Francis popping into the employee cafeteria for lunch. 

Humor is a life saver. And think about it. Can you imagine the devil laughing a good, hearty, Chestertonian laugh? I can't. All I can imagine is a dirty snicker. Satan no doubt invented pornography and potty mouth. But real humor? That's as alien to him as heaven!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Praise God, Meriam Ibrahim is Free and Out of the Sudan

Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim meets Pope Francis

With so many Christians being persecuted around the world, it was wonderful to see Pope Francis meet with and encourage this brave woman and her family, victims of anti-Christian Islam. 

May God bless them as they recover from the ordeal they've suffered. And may their little ones grow into strong and holy Catholic Americans who help to change our culture of death into a culture of life. With a mom like Meriam, that seems a likely scenario. Our Lady, Queen of the Americas, intercede for them.

Happy Feast Day, St. James and Jamie!

St. James the Greater, brother of St. John
I love St. James! Both St. Jameses in fact. Having visited Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain when my daughter was teaching at the university, I grew to really appreciate St. James the Greater, the brother of John. And then there is "St. James the Lesser" (I wonder if he was physically smaller or was he just quieter than the "Son of Thunder?") who told us in his epistle that "faith without works is dead." (HT to Janet for catching my error. Maybe this will keep me straight in the future about the two Jameses. )

Anyway, you gotta love a man who knows the score and articulates it so clearly! So thanks, St. James the Lesser

When our youngest child, a daughter, was born on August 2nd, the feast of St. Eusebius, we considered name possibilities. Much as I like the historian saint, I even have his history on my saints bookshelf, we couldn't think of a name variation our daughter wouldn't roll her eyes and groan about when she was older. ("Eusie? Mom, you've got to be kidding! What were you thinking?")
St. James the Lesser, uncle of James and John

So we looked at nearby dates for a more girl-friendly patron.  And there was my friend St. James
the Greater only a week earlier on July 25th. (St. James the Lesser's feast is May 3rd) So Jamie she became. The only questions we got were, "What's her real name? Isn't Jamie a nickname?"

Nope, Jamie she is, check out her birth certificate.

So Happy Feast Day to St. James the Greater and his namesake Jamie who can claim the other St. James for a patron as well. And thanks for the great epistle, St. James the Less.

St. James the Greater and St. James the Lesser, Pray for us!

The New Evangelization Begins with Repentance -- From the Top Down!

by Fr. Tom Collins

If the bugle gives an indistinct sound, who will get ready for battle? I Cor 14:8

A few weeks ago, an elderly man who had lapsed from the practice of the Catholic Faith, summarized his reason for leaving by saying, “Father, let me know when the Catholic bishops finally decide what the Church really teaches”. He had earlier expressed dismay at how quickly Church leaders sought to appease dissidents and how slowly they sought to please God. He gave the example of how quickly the USCCB was willing to change the words of institution from “for all men” to “for all”, in order to appease radical feminists. In contrast, it took over four decades for them to concede that pro multis means “for many”, not “for all”. He went on to point out that The Roman Catechism specifically addressed this issue over four hundred years ago. Yet the Vatican chose to ignore this clearly delineated teaching in order to approve translations of liturgical texts that tended to prioritize relevance over Revelation.

The man also pointed out his consternation over the current HHS-USCCB controversy.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Michael Moore: Poster Boy for Liberal Hypocrisy!

Wow! Did you know that film maker Michael Moore who is always lambasting the "1%" who live in gated communities or "castles" surrounded by moats owns nine homes including a $2 million lake front mansion in northern Michigan? But hey, that doesn't keep the man (whose net worth is estimated at $50 million) from masquerading as a blue collar anti-capitalist everyman while he lambasts wall street fat cats. I'd say fat cat doesn't quite describe Moore. He's more like a fat hyena, laughing behind his pudgy fist while he slams an economic system that has done him more than proud.

Check it out here and here.

This is just one more illustration that liberals tend to be amoral. No rules apply to them: honesty, common decency, respect for life...all fall if they conflict with what a liberal wants to do. Michael Moore is Machiavellian and has a Napoleon complex. He can do and say whatever he wants because he's not like the rest of us. He only pretends to be so he can use people to scratch his latest itch to keep his fat face in front of the cameras. I wonder if he even minds bad publicity.

Well, you know what the Lord says about hypocrites!

Pray the Rosary: Mary Is Our Constant Help if We Only Ask!

While I was on retreat I read St. Louis de Montfort's Secret of the Rosary. It renewed and magnified my love of the rosary. Most days I prayed all twenty decades and, to help myself focus and meditate on the mysteries, I made a mini reflection from memory before each Hail Mary. For example, praying the decade on the Annunciation, I said the Our Father and then, before the first Hail Mary I thought, "An angel of the Lord was sent to Nazareth to visit a young virgin named Mary." Before the next Hail Mary I thought, "The angel greeted her saying, 'Hail Mary, full of grace, you have found favor with God and will become the mother of the Messiah.'"
I have always had trouble keeping my mind on the mysteries as I pray. By reciting a bit of scripture before each Hail Mary, I am much more focused. Then the prayers truly do become the background music for the meditation. And I'm not drifting off into what I'm going to make for dinner.

There are all kinds of aids for the rosary. Check out this scripture accompaniment to the Joyful Mysteries from a website that offers all the mysteries and includes the text of the prayers for those who may not know them. There's even an audio rosary on the main page of the site so you can pray along. 

After the Mass the rosary is the devotion most pleasing to the Blessed Mother. Think of her apparitions. At Lourdes she had a rosary over her arm. At Fatima she held it in her hands. One of her titles is Our Lady of the Rosary. And how much it honors her Son to hear the prayer He taught His apostles and to hear His holy mother honored by repetition of the angelic salutation. 

If you don't yet love the rosary, why not pray a Hail Mary every day for the grace of learning to love it. That prayer will surely be answered.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tell Us Again How Great the Economy Is....

Layoffs Prove the Deceit of Amnesty

Microsoft is laying off 18,000 workers. Electrical engineering jobs have sunk from 385,000 in 2002 to 300,000 last year and many are going to foreign workers who can be paid less. Twenty-four million Americans are out of work, filling part time or temporary jobs, or have left the workforce altogether.

But the man behind the curtain will tell you all is well. Look at the situations in your own family. If your family is like ours, it puts the lie to the all is hunky-dory and rosy mantra of the Democrats.

Vigilant Border Patrol Agents Stop Dangerous....Boy Scouts!

Border Patrol Points Gun at Boy Scout's Head

Simply unbelievable! While agents change diapers and make formula in response to the invasion in the south,

Thank a Vet! And Thanks to Food City for this Tender Moment.

My dad was a World War II vet. One of my sons-in-law is a Marine (inactive). I have a nephew who was in Desert Storm and several others who also served in harm's way.

I remember the disgraceful actions of the "flower children" and the contempt they showered on our poor soldiers returning from VietNam calling them "baby killers" and worse. (I wonder how many of them aborted children conceived in a drug stupor!) Even today that contemptible attitude continues as a military fiance with a bumper sticker that reads, "I (heart) my soldier" learned.

If you aren't praying for our men and women in uniform every day, I hope you'll start - at least one Hail Mary. They don't choose the wars. If anybody wants to spew hate and venom, let them direct it where it belongs -- at the White House and at politicians who treat our military men and women like cannon fodder for their war games and then deny them health care and other services they earned when they return broken and battle scarred.

The suicide rate among our vets is shocking. We need to pray, say thank-you, and consider other ways we can help these suffering men and women.

If You Want to See the Face of Obamacare, Look at the UK

Mom Dies Of Cervical Cancer After Doctors Tell Her She's Too Young For Pap

And when you look at this young woman consider as well the Democrats' war on women. Yes, there is definitely a war on women in this country and it's generals are Democrats who will gladly offer women abortions to solve a problem of [unplanned pregnancy, poverty, lack of education, wanting to fit into a bikini, ........ fill in the blank]. But the primary problem from the male point of view (think of serial womanizers Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Anthony Weiner) is the baby complication! It's no wonder they love abortion. Like the misogynists they are, they want their women always available and recyclable. Give 'em free chemical birth control drugs, primary carcinogens that have a long list of contraindications and a growing list of young women who die from taking them. And if the drugs fail, abortion is always there for a backup to rip up and dispose of the little complication.

Yes, Democrats are good at eliminating evidence whether it's files run through the paper shredder, bludgeoned computer hard drives, or babies shredded in the abortion mill. They not only own the war on women; they invented it!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Keep Your Eyes on the Tex-Mex Border

Remember Fast and Furious and this administration's irresponsible and treacherous arming of the Mexican drug cartels who appear to be using the weapons to fire on the U.S. Border Patrol. Thanks, President Obama, for putting our brave agents at risk. 

Texas Sending 1,000 Guardsmen to the Border
Texas Gov. Rick Perry Monday announced the deployment of 1,000 National Guard troops to the border following an incident in which members of Mexican drug cartels allegedly fired shots from a .50-caliber machine gun from the Mexican side of the border into Texas, sending U.S. Border Patrol guards scurrying for cover....
In an interview with WND, William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, said he believed Perry’s decision was motivated not only by the gunfire at the border but by “the historic wave of protests across the country this weekend, which included more than 40 locations in Texas alone.”

Okay, Nancy and Michelle, How Many Immigrant Kids are you Taking In?

A Modest Proposal Proposal for Housing Illegal Immigrants

And here's how immigrant-welcoming hypocrite Maryland governor reacted to the idea the feds might send kids to his state:
Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley has rolled out the welcome mat to any and all who manage to break the law and enter the United States illegally. He has even sharply rebuked the Obama administration for suggesting that maybe, perhaps, probably, sort of, the United States should shorten waits for deportation hearings. 
It gave Mr. O'Malley — a presidential contender in 2016 if he can get to the left of Hillary Clinton and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren — an opening to appear compassionate. Of course, the cost of any surge of illegal immigrants into Maryland will be borne by Maryland and federal taxpayers, not by Mr. O'Malley, unless he agrees to house them at his own place and with his own money. [Fat chance!]
There is the little matter of Mr. O'Malley’s secret request to White House domestic policy adviser Cecilia Munoz not to house illegal immigrants at a former Army Reserve Center in Westminster. How embarrassing that this got out. He has since explained that it was only because the people in that community might not be thrilled with the idea, and may harass the children or “worse.”... [This is what liars do when they get caught with their pants down -- blame their constituents! Of course, the people of his state are nothing but worthless bigots! I wonder how many of those people who would "harass" immigrants or "worse" will vote for the next Democrat on the ballot.
Meanwhile, thousands of desperate children from Central America are heading north, risking life and limb, lured by the pied piper’s song of amnesty that Mr. Obama has been playing so recklessly. Mr. Obama directly caused this humanitarian crisis and the existential threat to a self-governing America posed by unlimited illegal immigration. Someone should do something about it.
And, by the way, how many illegal immigrant children will be going to Sidwell Friends with the Obama daughters? How 'bout putting up a few dozen at the White House! Michelle has enough staff to handle it and they can put them to work in the White House garden picking cotton (oops...picking arugula) or put them in caps and aprons to serve as domestic help.

Pope Francis Seems Serious about Rooting Out the Sex Abusers!

He's sending an investigative team to check out Carlos Urrutigoity.

Now if only he'd work on the other end by keeping out the homosexuals in the first place!

Homosexuals have no place in the priesthood. Men who are attracted to men should not put themselves in a source of continuous temptation. Their disordered sexual drive makes them a danger to young boys and men. If they rise to positions of power in the Church, they have the further temptation to use that power to gain sexual favors by bribery and intimidation. Hey, that's not speculation, we have a number of examples of both heterosexual and homosexual bishops. But most of the abuse was homosexual in nature (more than 70% according to the John Jay Report).

Pope Francis promises accountability. Let's pray he won't be stonewalled and will clean out the nest of vipers in the Church hierarchy.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

And This is What Cops Should be Like!

I can't imagine one of those kids every calling one of these cops, "Pigs." And what a great way to give the kids good strong male role models. In view of the fact that so many black kids have no dad in the home, it becomes even more important. Thanks to these officers for their commitment to the kids.