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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Don't Follow Worldly "Kings," but the King of the Universe!

...who makes us His sons and daughters.

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Who is the King of Your Heart?

On the Feast of Christ the King....What matters to you most? Your possessions? Your significant other? Your next meal? Your addiction?

Why would you settle for things that will fade, rust, and die? Even the people in your life are a threat to your salvation if they become idols who take the place that only belongs to God. When you love them in Him, your love for them is true and pure and good.

But do you know God? Do you know how intimately He loves you and wants to be the Lord of your life? Bow down today before Christ our King and beg Him to show His face to you. Once you look into His eyes, truly look into His eyes, nothing in life will ever satisfy you again except your relationship with Him! "O Lord, you made our hearts for Thee and ever restless will they be until they rest in Thee." (paraphrasing St. Augustine)

Lord Jesus, reign in my heart and make me grow ever closer to Your Sacred Heart that beats with such love for me. Mary, my mother, take my hand and lead me to your Son that I might be His humble maidservant as you were!

I love you, Lord Jesus, increase my faith.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

HRC Founder Arrested for Raping Minor

...but that won't keep VIRTUS, the bishops "safe touch" program from telling everybody that homosexuality isn't a problem.

Terrance Patrick Bean, Founder of Human Rights Campaign, Rapes Minor

The Logical Consequences of Obama's "Prosecutorial Discretion!"

by Father Tom Collins

Regarding President Obama's "prosecutorial discretion" over the past six years and his recent executive orders regarding those who violate our immigration laws, it is worth noting the following three points, which apparently have yet to be raised by government officials, the media (including conservative pundits) or the clergy:

Thinking about Christmas Presents that will Keep on Giving?

Check out the videos at 

Read stories of the faith:

Blessed Imelda, Patroness of First Communicants

The Story of St John Bosco

There are even free resources for families. Check them out! Home schoolers, take advantage of this wonderful website and all it offers!

How Will You Spend the Last Week of the Liturgical Year?

Tomorrow is the last Sunday of the liturgical year, the feast of Christ the King. How will you spend the final week of the year? Will you focus on the Holy Trinity reflecting on how Advent can bring you closer to God? Or will you focus on the unholy trinity of "me, myself, and I."

What gifts will you prepare this Advent to put under your Christmas tree for the Christ child?  Can you give him daily Mass? the daily rosary? a daily or weekly holy hour? Confession at least once during the penitential season? Visits to a nursing home or prison or rosaries in front of an abortion mill?

For families with children here's a suggestion. Make a beautifully decorated box with a slit in the top. Every day when you light your advent candle, let each member of the family write down the gift for Jesus for the day and put it in the box. After you decorate your Christmas tree put the gift in a prominent place underneath. On Christmas Day open this box first (Whose birthday is it after all?) and read all the gifts your family has prepared for Jesus. Won't that focus on the real reason for the season?

"The people in darkness have seen a great light." How will you bring light to your little corner of the world during the next month beginning with your family? It's worth thinking about, eh?

Makes Me Want to Move to Nebraska - Thank You, Bishop Conley!

Lincoln Diocese to Offer Mass ad orientem at the cathedral during Lent

Read Bishop Conley's Column Here's just a bit:
Since ancient times, Christians have faced the east during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to remember to keep watch for Christ. Together, the priest and the people faced the east, waiting and watching for Christ. Even in Churches that did not face the east, the priest and people stood together in the Mass, gazing at Christ on the crucifix, on the altar, and in the tabernacle, to recall the importance of watching for his return. The symbolism of the priest and people facing ad orientem—to the east—is an ancient reminder of the coming of Christ.
Send Bishop Conley an email saying thank you. Or you can post a comment on the article.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Vatican Prep for Next Year's Synod

Synod council urges further discussion, preparation before October 2015 meeting

Those of us who love the Bride of Christ must also be preparing for the Synod by daily prayer for the participating bishops and for all the activities going on, especially by dissent groups agitating for change. We are in a crucial time for the Church and many of our clerical leaders have a questionable agenda. 

It would be fruitful to read about Church politics and intrigue in the 13th century when Catherine of Siena was so busy trying to bring peace and unity to the Church. I just listened to Sigrid Undset's biography of the great saint and Doctor of the Church on tape. It is considered the best modern biography of St. Catherine. 

Many of Catherine's experiences and battles for the Church reminded me of our own time. She was a fearless defender of the faith who spoke the truth to power. Of course she first engaged in heroic prayer and fasting in preparation for her "bridegroom's" instructions to her. 

I heartily recommend the book and urge you to pray for the Synod through St. Catherine's intercession. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More Proof of Global Warming?

Big lake effect snowstorm in Buffalo

And out in the Midwest


Somebody please send a memo to Al Gore. The earth is in a cooling period. The polar ice caps are growing. And changing the propaganda to "climate change" doesn't alter reality.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cardinal O'Malley's: Another Funeral, Another Scandal

Raising the flag over Boston's city hall
I've seen a lot of articles about how orthodox Cardinal O'Malley is. Why can't I believe it? As a gramma of 24, two in the womb, I still can't get over the Kennedy funeral extravaganza! A man responsible for the murder of millions of little ones hailed as a Catholic hero, practically canonized in fact. And all blessed by a prince of the Church.


And now Cardinal O'Malley has done it again. From the Boston Globe - Here are his words from his eulogy homily during a memorial Mass for pro-abort, pro-sodomy Mayor Thomas Menino:

Is Cardinal O'Malley Holier than Jesus?

Cardinal O’Malley: ‘If I were founding a Church, I’d love to have women priests’

Well, what did Jesus know?

Here's the recent O'Malley interview on 60 minutes:

CCHD Collection is Coming Up: BOYCOTT!

And pass the word on. Don't let your friends be the chumps in the pews fleeced to pour money into leftwing causes that undermine Church teaching! It's a sad truth but you just can't trust the bishops not to support moral evils with your money! They've been doing it for years through CCHD and nothing ever changes despite promise after promise to reform. Remember the old adage, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

Conflict of Interest at Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Pray for the People of Ferguson

The lynch mob is ready to roll. They've put out maps that target businesses that are totally unrelated to Michael Brown's death. Out of town agitators are stirring up racial hatred and envy. The governor has called out the National Guard in reasonable expectation of violence following an FBI alert that internet threats are calling for attacks on the police.

A friend sent me this email today:
Check out today's (Nov 18) Drudge Report. It seems that a grand jury's careful discernment of the truth is seen by radical agitators as an excuse for inciting violence.
It reminds me of how the Jewish mob in Pilate's praetorium threatened violence, if the Truth was not condemned to death. I wonder how many of the groups promoting this agitation have received grants from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development?
Too true, unfortunately. Rosary time for the people of Ferguson! Our Lady Queen of Peace, pray for them and for other cities where race baiters are inciting violence.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Don't Sign that Organ Card...

...unless you want your heart cut out while it's still beating and you're still breathing!

Family says doctors removed deceased girl’s organs too early

This happens frequently according to Dr. Paul Byrne. It is the ultimate in pragmatism. "Hey! The person will die anyway and we need fresh organs. If we wait until the person is really dead, the organs won't be any good. So, the person dies a little sooner. What's the big deal?" 

I'll tell you. Once the individual's right to life is considered qualified, anything becomes possible. If you can kill a person ten minutes before he's dead, why not an hour? And why bother doing anything that might actually save his life? After all, he'll probably be a vegetable. Tell that to people who have completely recovered from "hopeless" situations. 

And then there's the organ harvesting from prisoners in China. It's a big money-maker. Are some prisoners whose organs match a prospective organ recipient executed primarily for that purpose? Would anyone put that past the Chinese whose family planners go into villages and perform forced abortions on women only days from delivery? 

Pray for an end to our culture of death and a return to recognition of each of us a unique creation made in the image and likeness of God. 

Moynihan vs. Magister: Which Vatican Watcher Would You Trust?

I read Inside the Vatican and its editor's "Moynihan Letters," but I was so put off by one of them this past week that I won't be giving quite so much credence to Moynihan's views in the future. He seems to me to be outfitted in rose-colored glasses with a message sweat shirt that reads "The Pope is Always Right and I'm His Cheerleader!" 

What made me reassess Moynihan? His opinions on the Extraordinary Synod and his almost breathless acceptance of Kasper et al's statements that nobody is trying to change doctrine on marriage. What! Here's a section from his November 14th letter titled Francis Has His Hand On The Tiller — And He Will Not Change Doctrine:
I attended a round-table the other evening, on November 11... at which Cardinal Walter Kasper spoke. Kasper, just back in Rome after a trip to the United States, was joined by Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, one of the leading canon lawyers in the Church, and now President of the Vatican's most important canon law office, the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts...The two discussed the October Synod on the Family for an hour and a half....

So...After the Extraordinary Synod, What's Next?

This is the lead article from the latest issue of the Les Femmes newsletter which isn't posted at the website yet. I'd be happy to have your comments. What impact do you think the Pope's visit to the U.S. next September will have on the Synod, if any?

After the Synod, What's Next?

The Extraordinary Synod on the Family is over and its participants home from the wars. Some orthodox bishops are reportedly shell-shocked seeing how deeply their brothers dissent from Church teaching on the indissolubility of marriage. Despite secrecy surrounding activities in the synod hall, controversy and contentious disagreement among the bishops spilled over, especially after the interim report, Relatio Post Disceptationem,[i] was released which the media saw before the bishops did.

Put on Your Red Shoes - Pope Francis is Coming in 2015

It's official -- the pope is coming!

Philadelphia is hosting the 8th World Meeting of Families from September 22-25, 2015. A papal Mass is scheduled for September 26th with the expectation of a million Catholics attending. The pope's U.S. visit takes place shortly before the Ordinary Synod on the Family scheduled in Rome for October 2015.

And speaking of the Ordinary Synod, at their recent meeting in Baltimore the U.S. bishops chose their delegates. They include Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, Ky., president of the U.S. bishops’ conference; Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, conference vice president; Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, host of the 2015 World Meeting of Families; and Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles. The two alternates are Archbishop Blase Cupich to be installed tomorrow as ordinary of Chicago and Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


by Fr. Tom Collins  

There is a rather interesting interplay between the events recorded in John 1:40-51 and Matthew 16:13-23, regarding the role given to Simon Peter (Cephas) in the life and ministry of the Church.
In the events recorded in John's Gospel, Simon is told during his first encounter with Jesus, "You will be called Cephas" (which is translated Peter). This declaration is made in the future tense indicating that Simon's change of name and position will be definitively established at a later date in Christ's ministry. It is worth noting, however, that this section of John's Gospel also points out how Jesus, upon meeting Nathaniel, declared, "Here is a true Israelite. There is no duplicity in him." Then, after mentioning to Nathaniel an event that occurred earlier under a fig tree, Jesus is told by Nathaniel, "Rabbi, You are the Son of God; You are the King of Israel!"

Two things are intriguing in this passage. Firstly, Nathaniel is declared by Jesus to be a true Israelite, who is free of guile. He is truly pure of heart, and thus the one who seems to be most capable of being eventually appointed as the righteous leader of Christ's disciples. Secondly, he makes a profession of faith in Jesus similar to the that would be made by Simon Peter as recorded in Matt 16:16. He declares Jesus to be the Son of God and the King of Israel. Yet his integrity of character
and clarity of both perception and proclamation do not lead him to being given the highest place of leadership among Christ's disciples. For a very profound and mysterious reason, that position has already been reserved by Our Lord for Simon Peter.

Christ giving keys to St. Peter, Pietro Perugino, 1482,, Sistine Chapel fresco 

Yikes! Did You Know This is How Wheat is Harvested?

What you don't know about how most farmers harvest wheat:
Standard wheat harvest protocol in the United States is to drench the wheat fields with Roundup several days before the combine harvesters work through the fields as withered, dead wheat plants are less taxing on the farm equipment and allow for an earlier, easier and bigger harvest.
Yikes! From now on we're eating organic bread and I'm looking for a source of organic flour:
According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT who has studied the issue in depth and who I recently saw present on the subject at a nutritional Conference in Indianapolis, desiccating non-organic wheat crops with glyphosate just before harvest came into vogue late in the 1990′s with the result that most of the non-organic wheat in the United States is now contaminated with it. Seneff explains that when you expose wheat to a toxic chemical like glyphosate, it actually releases more seeds resulting in a slightly greater yield: “It ‘goes to seed’ as it dies. At its last gasp, it releases the seed.” According to the US Department of Agriculture, as of 2012, 99% of durum wheat, 97% of spring wheat, and 61% of winter wheat has been doused with Roundup as part of the harvesting process. This is an increase from 88% for durum wheat, 91% for spring wheat and 47% for winter wheat since 1998. Read the complete article here.
Is this good stewardship of the earth and a benefit to the common good? Where are the Catholic social justice advocates? Poisoning of the food supply impacts a lot more people than the nonsense and unscientific hysteria over global warming. (Oops...climate change. It's hard to promote global warming when the ice caps are growing and the climate is cooling.) 

Interesting Movie Trailer: Origins -- Poisoning our Food

"Food is medicine or food is poison."

I'm not sure how this movie will actually reflect environmentalism, etc., but it looks promising. Note the concern over the increasing infertility of the population because of chemicals poisoning us. Especially,  note the lovely presentation of the unborn baby. I'll be interested to see the entire documentary. They are offering a free ten-day screening on the internet. Watch the trailer and take advantage of the short window to see the entire movie.