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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Moynihan Letter -- Interesting Evaluation of the Synod

This is long, so if you want a quick read, I've highlighted in red what struck me most. I ran the entire letter because it's not up on the Inside the Vatican website yet. But I recommend you sign up for these letters which are always insightful about what's happening in the Church. I also recommend the magazine which is well worth the subscriptiong price. As you read this, praise God for the African and Polish bishops who seem to have their heads on straighter than most of the Americans and the Germans.

October 20, 2014, Monday — Light from the East

The leadership of the Roman Catholic Church has just spent two weeks considering fundamental questions about the nature and purpose of marriage and the family.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Community Organizers Continue to Stir Things Up in Ferguson

A great article from my friend Stephanie Block, one that shows exactly how cynical and manipulative these community organizers are who use whatever they can, not for the good of the community, but to advance their own agenda.

Alinskyian agitators stir discontent in Ferguson MO

The Dark Side of Same Sex "Families"

Breaking the Silence: Redefining Marriage Hurts Women Like Me - and Our Children

This article is heartbreaking -- from the divorce, to the judge granting custody of the children to the gay father, to the daily psychological abuse of the children in this disordered situation. These two paragraphs alone reveal the evil of the judge who awarded custody of the children to their gay father:

Do You Want to Find an Oasis of Peace?

Meditate on beautiful religious art works. What better prayer aid for the rosary and other spiritual devotions than wonderful art works?

I'm going to use this Fra Angelica face of Mary and the Rembrandt Flight into Egypt to meditate on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary and the devotion of the Seven Sorrows.of Mary.

Mother of Sorrows, Pray for us.

But my favorite meditation aid is the Holy Face of Jesus, the living face reconstructed from the face on the Shroud of Turin. 

Keep the Faith -- No Matter What!

And here's another great website to help you do it! Keep the Faith

Termite Groups Sponsor Speaking Tour by Heretical Irish Priest

The American Catholic Council and their clique are always busy-busy, like termites, undermining the faith. Their latest exploit? A Catholic Tipping Point Tour featuring dissenting Irish priest, Tony Flannery who was silenced after refusing to sign a document affirming Church teachings. Here's how Fr. Tony's situation is described by the dissenters:
Fr.Tony has been ordered to remain silent and forbidden to minister as a priest because of his refusal to sign a document that violates his conscience: namely that women cannot be priests and that he accepts all Church stances on contraception, homosexuality, and refusal of the sacraments to people in second relationships. After a year during which he attempted to come to some accommodation with the Vatican without success, he has decided to take a public stance on the need for reform in the Church.
Oh, my goodness, fidelity to Catholic doctrine "violates [Fr. Tony's] conscience!"

"I've Never Known a Synod so Obviously Steered from the Top."

I'm offering my rosary today for Edward Pentin. Thank God for an honest journalist. He proves the term doesn't have to be an oxymoron.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

And It's a Wrap -- Mike Voris Summarizes the Last Day of the Synod

Read Pope Francis' closing speech here. Read the final synod document here.

Well, things ended up better than they started with a little push back from orthodox Catholics. Let us pledge ourselves to pray continuously this year for the Ordinary Synod that will take place next October. All for the greater honor and glory of God.

Frankly, I'm relieved it's over for now. Watching the war within the Church is exhausting.

A Sunday Homily Worth Sharing -- Reflect on God's Mercy

Homily for the 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time delivered by Rev. Fr. William J Kuchinsky at St Michael the Archangel Catholic Church, Wheeling, WV for the anticipatory Mass on 27 September 2014.

Do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory; rather, humbly regard others as more important than yourselves, each looking out not for his own interests, but also for those of others.

The public circus is over --- at least for now

The Vatican released the full text of the closing message from the Synod today and it's actually quite good. Unfortunately, it can hardly undo the damage of the Ratio that went viral around the world last week to confuse Catholics and non-Catholics alike. That document focused almost exclusively on sexual issues (homosexuality, cohabitation, and reception of Communion after divorce and remarriage) and implied that the old rigid, intolerant Church has seen the light and is being transform into an open, tolerant pastoral one.

My own diocese (Arlington) joined the mainstream media this week with a frontpage CNS (Catholic News Service) article headlined "A place for gays, nonmarital unions."

Friday, October 17, 2014

Burke Confirms the Rumors...

...he's out at the Apostolic Signatura. 

This May Get the Selfish World's Attention on Ebola!

Ebola Threatens World's Chocolate Supply!

What a catastrophe!

Happy Feast Day, St. Ignatius of Antioch

St. Ignatius died a martyr's death in the Roman Coliseum in 115 AD under the persecution of Trajan. He is one of the early Apostolic Fathers and, like St. Paul, wrote numerous letters to the early Church communities around the known world.

As the soldiers took him from Syra to Rome for execution he continued his letters and in one to the Romans urged the Christian not to hinder his martyrdom:
4:1 I write to all the churches, and I bid all men know, that of my own free will I die for God, unless ye should hinder me. I exhort you, be ye not an unseasonable kindness to me. Let me be given to the wild beasts, for through them I can attain unto God. I am God's wheat, and I am ground by the teeth of wild beasts that I may be found pure bread [of Christ].

4:2 Rather entice the wild beasts, that they may become my sepulchre and may leave no part of my body behind, so that I may not, when I am fallen asleep, be burdensome to any one. Then shall I be truly a disciple of Jesus Christ, when the world shall not so much as see my body. Supplicate the Lord for me, that through these instruments I may be found a sacrifice to God.
Let us pray that the Lord will give us bishops like St. Ignatius who loved Jesus Christ so zealously and served the flock so faithfully. We desperately need them!

St. Ignatius of Antioch, pray for us.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave...

...when first we practice to deceive." (Sir Walter Scott)

Evidence of an Engineered Synod

Please, let's all join in praying the prayers at the end of the article -- for the Synod and for our own families.

Pope's fingerprints all over the effort to control the synod! more ways than one. 

You need to read the entire article to understand how bizarre the synod has been. Think of all the pressing issues and ask whether Communion for the divorced and remarried is the most important item:

Political Correctness May Kill Us!

Doctors Chief: CDC Curbs Secondhand Smoke More Than Ebola

But, hey, we won't die from secondhand smoke. Isn't that a relief? Won't that make you fell better if you contract ebola?

CDC Incompetence Proved Again

Vomiting Passenger Dead on Arrival at JFK

And a CDC official rules out ebola after "cursory exam." I'll bet all those passengers were relieved, especially the ones sitting near the dead man. They say ebola isn't airborne but it can be contracted from "droplets" and how many "droplets" were released during the vomiting episodes?

Solving the ebola problem sure doesn't include letting countless healthy people be exposed. I'm more and more concerned that we are at the beginning of a pandemic like the influenza epidemic of 1918 that killed millions. How does something like that begin? One sick person at a time exposing others who expose others.

Border security in Africa is helping to limit the disease to five countries with two, Senegal and Nigeria, showing no new cases in several months due to aggressive tracking and isolation of sick people and their contacts. From an AP article:
WHO, the U.N. health agency, called it "a piece of world-class epidemiological detective work." The organization is set to declare an end to the outbreak in Nigeria on Monday.
Note that "border security" was the answer to controlling the ebola outbreak in these countries. And exactly how secure are our borders?

Do you believe the CDC and Obama when they tell us we have nothing to worry about? Are we taking the common sense measures necessary to protect the people of the U.S.?

Cardinal Pell on the Rebellion by the Synod Fathers against the Original Ratio

Note his description of the original Relatio. It was "tendentious, skewed, didn't reflect accurately the feelings of the Synod Fathers...We're not giving in to the secular agenda....We have no intention of following those radical elements."

What a great testimony! Pray for the Synod Fathers, especially those who stand faithfully and solidly on Scripture and the Apostolic Tradition refusing to let the world's agenda reform Church doctrine.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hey...If You Can Lie for Church Politics Why Not Secular Politics?

James O'Keefe of Project Veritas exposes two lying democrat politicians. Goodness! Lying Democrat? Isn't that redundant.

Politics is a "lying game."

And apparently Church politics is too judging from Cardinal Kasper's behavior. (See previous post.) Democrats and liberal churchmen seem to have lots in common when it comes to lying. But hey....It's justified if you need it to get elected or avoid embarrassment among your Synod brethren. It's just the way things are in the real world. (Remember who the prince of this world is?) St. Augustine talked about the City of God and the City of Man. Just because a man is wearing a red hat and cumberbund doesn't mean he's living in the City of God. (Hat tip to Political Brambles.)

Cardinal Kasper Caught Lying! Zenit Pulls Interview; Journalist Has Audio!

Maybe the rain will put out the flames.
Liar, liar pants on fire!

Note to Cardinal Kasper. If you're going to lie, you'd better be sure nobody taped the interview on his cell phone. (Maybe the cardinal didn't know cell phones can record.) 

Journalist Edward Pentin stands by his report and the audio tape has it all. ZENIT took it down, but everyone knows know who was telling the truth. Sadly, it wasn't the "man of God." Why does this remind me of this week's readings about, "Woe to you  pharisees?"

Well, at least Cardinal Kasper has a wide choice of confessors from which to choose. On the other hand, liberals tend to believe in the fundamental option so what's a little lie even if it damages the reputation and career of a reporter? 

Two thumbs up for Edward Pentin for exposing Cardinal Kasper for the kind of man he is -- without integrity.

More from Pat Archbold at Creative Minority Report. 

Church is now in "Damage Control," because of the Ratio

Yup, as Cardinal Napier said, the damage is "irredeemable....The message has gone out and it is not a true message."

The perception is out there now. Was it disseminated deliberately?

Ebola Vaccine in Development Uses Aborted Fetal Stem Lines

For Immediate Release: 10/15/2014 
Contact: Children of God for Life
Email: (727) 483 - 9251

ACTION ALERT! Developing Ebola vaccines use aborted fetal cell lines - moral options exist (Largo, FL) Children of God for Life announced today that several Ebola vaccines in development for use worldwide are made using aborted fetal cell lines despite the fact that moral alternatives are reported as equally effective.

Glaxo SmithKline (GSK) and NIAID are jointly developed their ChAd3 vector for delivering the Ebola virus gene using HEK - 293 (human embryonic kidney) cells. Likewise, NewLink Genetics of Iowa used HEK - 293 cells for their VSV - EBOV Ebola vaccine in Canada , while Johnson and Johnson/Crucell developed theirs using PER C6 cells, derived from retinal tissue of an 18 week gestation aborted baby.

"There is absolutely no reason to use aborted fetal cell lines," stated Debi Vinnedge, Director of Children of God for Life.

As Fr. Z Says, "It Makes One Ponder"

13 October?

Yes it does make one ponder! And doesn't the devil just love to give the one-fingered salute to heaven on the anniversary of an important Marian event? He thinks he's so smart and clever and how he hates that humble maidservant of the Lord!.

 Say Jesus' name 13 times every day with reverence and love to give Satan a slap down!

"At the Name of Jesus every knee must bend in the heavens, on the earth, and under the earth, and every tongue proclaim to the glory of God the Father: JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!"

It makes me laugh to think of the devil being forced to his knees to praise and proclaim God. Yes, I know he's a spirit, but he's been known to take on a visible form to trick souls. So I have no doubt he will be forced, at Jesus' name, to kneel before our Savior King and proclaim Him while all hell groans. (Yes, Virginia, there is a hell and unfortunately it's heavily populated. The Blessed Mother doesn't lie and neither does her Son.)

See Abbey Roads: To be honest ... I'm sad.

Abbey Roads: To be honest ... I'm sad.

I am always edified by Terry Nelson's posts. This one is poignant and made me share in his sadness. Those struggling with sinful inclinations have a right to the truth. All of us have them whether our inclination is to drugs, sex, alcohol, gossip, etc. The suffering of those with same-sex attraction is particularly sad because it makes contracting a marriage and having a family difficult or impossible. The suffering of these souls needs, not only to be acknowledged but, to be supported by the shepherds. What has happened instead? Once again the wolves in the Church are scattering the sheep in confusion.

Can you choose an act of penance today to help our brothers and sisters suffering (yes suffering!) from same-sex attraction to resist the siren call of the false Synod being manipulated by homosexualist clergy? And please offer a rosary or Chaplet of Divine Mercy as well.

Synodal Detour from Tradition

by Fr. Tom Collins

It is hard to comment on the mid-term report of the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops, since it seems to be more like a stream of consciousness or brainstorming session than a vision statement about the nature and sacredness of the marriage vocation. 

There are quite a few allusions to the teachings of the Church in it, but like the statue with feet of mixed clay and iron in Dan 2:33, those allusions are mixed in with the illusions of those who want to redefine intimacy in terms of eroticism. And like that statue, any "reform" based on attempts to mix conjecture with conviction will eventually collapse in total ruin. 

Among the truths overlooked or downplayed in the document are:
1) authentic marriage is a sacred vocation, to which a couple uniquely responds in obedience to Christ's command, "Love one another, as I have loved you." 
2) authentic marriage is a permanent covenantal relationship, not merely a transient, symbiotic or parasitic relationship; 
3) human nature is intrinsically covenantal, thus a human being can best realize his true
dignity only through the awkward but beautiful dynamics of authentic intimacy; 
4) authentic marriage is oriented to cooperating in God's procreative action, whereby a new human being is conceived, nurtured and raised in a manner that respects and reflects the basic truth that God intends love to be our origin, our life and our destiny; 
5) defective premises (e.g., personal development is based on the fulfillment of erotic
desires) cannot lead to sound conclusions; 
6) the pursuit of expediency can detour the soul from the path of integrity and fidelity;
7) immodesty, unchastity and pornography seriously pervert the perspectives, attitudes
and actions of anyone who gets drawn into their addictive allurements; 
8) truth is discovered, or perhaps even determined by dialogue, rather than by the humble
and docile discernment of the realities, with which we are actually dealing; 
9) the desire to show compassion can easily be detoured onto a path of co-dependence and capitulation; 
10) appeals to "gradualism" and to "levels of communion" doctrine, rather than to the need for decisively humble, reverent and contrite appeals to God's gracious mercy, can only lead to "not now, maybe later" conversions - thus redefining the New Evangelization in terms of a new capitulation to the demands of the Culture of Desecration and Death.
Although this report has courageously brought to light many problems that have incrementally
degraded the appreciation of the sacredness of marriage, the family, human life, the human person
and the Holy Name of God, it does not provide a clear vision, which can inspire the world to aspire
to that love, which transcends and transforms all erotic desires by ordering all to that love, with which
Christ laid down His life for His Bride, the Church. Hopefully, the Holy Spirit will consign this report to the same fate suffered by the original schemas drawn up in preparation for the Second Vatican Council.

Personally, I am also praying that the Holy Spirit, in His gracious fidelity to the Church, will inspire Pope Francis to re-affirm the covenantal nature of humanity by examining anew the doctrinal premises for the promulgation of the dogma of Mary as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all graces.
In Christ,

Fr. Tom

Doctors aren't God whether the Outcome was a Miracle or a Mistake

Miracle baby blog!  Advised to "terminate" they refused. Thank God! Pray for Eve Elaine that she will thrive and arrive in February according to schedule healthy and bouncing!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Feast Day, St. Teresa

I love St. Teresa of Avila. I spent months using a little booklet of seventeen Communion meditations she wrote as my own thanksgiving after Mass. Whenever I got to the end I started over. You can tell how much the little paperback was handled because it's taped and held together with rubber bands. I still use it occasionally.

The title of my booklet is Lingering with my Lord, but it wasn't a title St. Teresa selected. According to the introduction the translator, Michael Griffin, she frequently didn't title her works. When the meditations were published in 1588 the publisher, Luis de Leon, called it "Exclamations or meditations of the soul to its God, written by Mother Teresa of Jesus, on different days, according to the spirit communicated to her by our Lord after she made her Communion, in the year 1569." Wow! How did he fit all that on the cover? The title most often given to the book is Exclamations of the Soul to God. I like Griffin's title better. It has a sense of savoring -- "taste and see the goodness of the Lord."

Today I'm savoring once again St. Teresa's meditations and I offer you a few tastes as well:

Synod Marketing: Perception is Everything

I'm a little taken aback by people I admire acting like the Relatio's problems are no big deal because the document has no authority and changes nothing in Church doctrine. Well, orthodox Catholics know that, but, do most people reading the press reports? What does the average person picking up the Washington Post or the Boston Globe or reading the Huffington Post think is happening in Rome? They certainly are NOT interpreting the results the same way orthodox Catholic are. Even as I write this the D.C. FM station is reporting that the Catholic Church is "undergoing a transformation."

What exactly is going on?

Hijacking the Synod

The press saw the Relatio before the bishops did.

Huh? This reminds me of the release of the horrible USCCB 1997 document on homosexuality Always Our Children. It was written by a committee that included notorious champion for all things gay, Fr. James Schexnayder, credited as the primary author.

The document was so theologically flawed that the Vatican ordered it amended in  1998. It was published with virtually NO input from the bishops who were given no opportunity to review the document before its release. (They changed their procedures on releasing documents in their name as a result.) And yet it was promoted in the media as the bishops' work. It wasn't! as Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz made clear in his denunciation, saying "'Calamity and frightening disaster' are terms which are not too excessive to describe this document. It is my view that this document carries no weight or authority for Catholics, whom I would advise to ignore or oppose it." 

What's happening at the Synod is giving me deja vu. Just as Schexnayder and co. hijacked the USCCB's process for releasing documents to promote the gay agenda, the Synod seems to be following the same players' manual. And, as Cardinal Burke has said, the pope needs to clear things up. If he doesn't....well...if the shepherd lets the wolves into the sheepfold what reasonable conclusion can one draw about the shepherd?

It's Time to Denounce the Synod!

It ain't Catholic and more and more voices are saying it including those in authority! Don't miss your rosary today!

The Counterfeit Synod

The Trouble with 'Gradualism'

Scandalous Paragraphs on Homosexuality

A Stacked Deck at the Synod?

Exclusion of African Cardinals without "groovy new ideas?"

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Smoke of Satan is in the Church: Confusion Reigns!

Plenty of bad news today!

The Extraordinary Synod on the Family released its interim report which is not binding in any way, but is troubling to say the least. You can find it at the Vatican website and run it off for yourself and read it. The document contributes to the ongoing confusion of the Francis pontificate. An especially troubling factor is that the pope stacked the group writing the report (who were selected by the synod fathers) with liberals including Cardinal Donald Wuerl.

As for the content of the report, one "well-know reporter" described described it to Michael Voris saying, "Michael, this is revolutionary!"

We've seen revolutions in the Church before. They aren't pretty. Watch the Vortex below.

Blunt Talk about the Extraordinary Synod from Fr. Tom

The Extraordinary Synod of bishops in Rome is apparently toying with the idea of offering us a new pastoral approach for those actively living an active homosexual lifestyle. Instead of getting fixated on the sinful nature of their lifestyle, we would supposedly focus on the gifts and qualities they
have to offer us.