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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Smuggling in Sodomy on Mic'd Up

I was pretty impressed with the final result of this Mic'D Up episode. Watch it below.

The one thing I was sorry I didn't say when Michael asked me about the history was not mentioning two important historical books. Enrique Rueda's The Homosexual Network and Donna Steichen's book Ungodly Rage. Fr. Rueda's book exposed the broadbased homosexual network that has made it so powerful beyond its numbers; Donna exposed the connections between the liberal nuns and religious orders and the feminist movement (heavily lesbian) to promote homosexuality in the Catholic Church. The dissenting nuns continue to scandalize with people like Sr. Carol Keehan of the Catholic Health Association, the dissenting nuns lobby group NETWORK, and the Nuns on the Bus.

Pass this on. People need to see what's happening and where we are going. Parents especially must protect their children! Evil always goes after the children just like Hitler did with the Hitler Youth and Lenin did with the Young Pioneers.

If you love your children don't let them be sucked into the world of virtual reality where they can choose from a menu of dozens of "genders" outside the two God created, male and female. Explain to them why two men or two women cannot "marry."

Love speaks the truth and it is clear as day that we are living in a world of lies. Give your children the tools they need to know the difference beginning with God's law and the doctrine of the Church. The true, the good, and the beautiful speak to the human heart. Satan's lies offer pleasure that soon turns into poison. The Holy Eucharist and Confession are the antidotes to the poison of the modern world.

This Looks Promising...

Note at the end of the video the offer to review it risk free. This looks like CCD program that might be worth offering for teens. I hope many directors of religious ed will take a look at it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Happens When the Bishops Hire Pro-Abort Democrats?

Duh...They act like pro-abortion Democrats?  Ralph McCloud is the head of the Bishops' (USCCB) Poverty program, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).  McCloud has a history of actively working for pro-abort democrat buddies like Wendy Davis. God help us when this is the kind of person considered appropriate to work for the bishops national organization.

So what happens when the bishops hire pro-aborts? They lose their credibility (what little they have at this point). And don't tell me McCloud isn't necessarily pro-abortion. Advocating killing babies (or Jews, or blacks, or Catholics, or bishops) is a qualifying or disqualifying issue. If you vote for someone who advocates murdering the innocent (a high proportion being black babies I might add) then you are endorsing and enabling a monstrous evil. Please don't tell me you voted for the person because they love the poor when their solution to poverty is killing poor babies!

Let's face it, you can't be democrat today without being a radical seamless-garment-of-death kind of person who advocates abortion, the attack on the nuclear family, the travesty of same-sex unions, the atrocity of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, etc.

The bishops should fire Ralph McCloud and disband the CCHD which has funneled millions of dollars collected from the faithful to advance an agenda that attacks Church teaching. When will it end? One answer: when the money flow dries up. Boycott CCHD and educate your friends!

Good for Fr. Joseph Illo!

Boys Only to Serve at Star of the Sea

Thank God for courageous priests, manly priests in fact, who are willing to take on the culture in order to do something good. Fr. Illo of Star of the Sea parish in San Francisco recently decided to phase out girl altar boys at his parish with the permission of Archbishop Cordileone. The usual suspects are on the attack. In this report note that the TV crew didn't interview one person who agreed with father's decision. Is that because there were none? Hardly! I suspect Fr. Illo will see an upsurge in parish attendance as orthodox Catholics see an alternative. ChurchMilitantTV began a GoFundMe donation page for the parish which has already collected over $32,000 since it was posted two days ago.

Want to give a donation to support Fr. Illo and his parish? Go here.

Smuggling in Sodomy

And here's the promo for Mic'D Up tonight. I'm on during the opening introduction. A big thank you to all who were praying for me.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Do We Stand for the Truth or Do We enter the Virtual Game?

Pope Reportedly Meets with Spanish Transexual

We are a people of truth. Jesus called Himself the "truth." So how should a Catholic respond to reports about men who "become" women and women who "become" men by mutilating their bodies and taking strong hormonal drugs?


Do we call "Diego" the woman who now lives as a man and has a girlfriend "he" and "him?" Doesn't her DNA make it clear that she's still a woman in every cell of her body no matter what she calls herself?

PAVE the Way to Life!

Visit their website here.  Connect the dots between the homosexual assault on marriage and the pro-life movement.

Know the Opposition: Homosexual Activists Hate the Nuclear Family!

Many Catholics today, a majority in fact even among those who attend Mass every Sunday, support the homosexual agenda. They have bought the lie that homosexual relationships are equivalent to marriage and so they support "equal rights" for two men or two women (an arbitrary number) to be able to seal the knot legally. How we got from Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best to Modern Family in just a few generations is a gay success story. Catholics, pro-lifers, and other godly folks need to understand what's happened and to realize that to be pro-life and morally on target means defending the family against all assaults, particularly the blitzkrieg ("lightning war") of the homosexual movement .

As early as 1970 at a conference in Philadelphia

Monday, January 26, 2015

Prayer Request: For an Interview with Mic'D Up

I'm taping a Mic'D Up segment with Michael Voris tomorrow that will air on Wednesday. It's called Smuggling in Sodomy. I'd appreciate your prayers for the taping and you can tune in on Wednesday to watch the program. Visit Church Militant TV to see all the programs they offer. Becoming a premium subscriber only costs $10.00/month -- a lot less than your cell phone. And it opens the door to a wealth of educational materials to learn the faith. I'm impressed with the youthfulness and orthodoxy of their employees. It gives me great hope for the future of the Church.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meditation for Sunday: Homosexual Activists Hate the Nuclear Family

Why? Fr. Enrique Rueda spelled it out in his 1982 book, The Homosexual Network:
There is no question that one of the top priorities of the homosexual movement is to force a "redefinition" of the American family away from the traditional husband-wife-children model to a more "functional" definition based on the the notion of economic unit or any other basis that does not require heterosexuality as its foundation. The notion that a family must involve persons of both sexes is profoundly inimical to the homosexual movement. By their own definition, heterosexual relations are beyond their reach; thus the traditional family as a normative institution for human relations is unacceptable.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

What My Parents Did Right!

I have a book on my bedside table that I am just beginning, Gloria Gaither's What My Parents Did Right. What a thesis! We live in a culture where everyone seems to have the finger of blame pointed at someone else. Most often that "someone" seems to be parents. I confess to having fallen into that pit many times in my younger days and I repent of it. My parents were children during the great depression, suffered through the ravages of World War II with Daddy on active naval duty, and went on to raise ten children. They experienced all the rebellion of the 60s with the younger members of the family, and suffered deeply the ravages to the Church after Vatican II. It was no easy life. I want to say thank you to them every day (I wish they were physically present so they could "hear" it from my lips.) and remember all the things they did right -- beginning with their generous openness to life.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Here's Why I Never Vote by Party!

House Republicans Wimp Out Again

I support pro-life politicians. Period! The Republican Party is pathetic. They are nothing but a bunch of cowards who think pro-lifers will continue to support them as they stab us in the back again and again.

How ironic that Republican women led the sell out on the very eve of the March for Life. They continue to believe women support abortion. They don't! In a 2013 Gallup Poll, 57% of women took a pro-life position vs. 40% doctrinaire pro-abortion. 

What does abortion really mean for women? A lifetime of regret for millions who wish they could undo what they did. And note the lies and manipulation around this "woman's right."

For more stories of women and men who regret abortion go here.

Catholic Campaign for Human Development....

....The scandal goes on - and on - and on:

Grants to evil organizations continue.

I'm happy to say that, according to the financial report in our bulletin, our parish contributed $10.00 to CCHD. Zero would be better, but we're close.

Boycott the CCHD and spread the word.