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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Meditation: Deliver Us From Evil

St. Joseph, patron of a good
death, pray for us.
I read a sobering article this morning, Father Hyde and the Mystery of Evil, by Deacon James Toner about a pious Catholic priest who became immersed in a child sex abuse ring. It's a horror story to rival Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

As I read the article I couldn't help thinking of the psychological term, cognitive dissonance, believing two opposing ideas at the same time. Clearly, that's what happens when the rug is pulled out from under one -- when a person you believed was holy suddenly is revealed as committing the most horrific evils. How could that be? Is it the same person you loved and respected?

But perhaps a holy "Fr. Hyde" really was pious and good until, somehow, he gradually, step by step, embraced the persona of the evil "Fr. Hyde." It's sobering isn't it? To think of someone we admired and loved, a person we looked up to and respected is revealed as the betrayer. Was he always a fraud? Were we simply blinded by a false light?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Al Wilson Sang it Best - the Woman is the West

The Woman = the West; the Snake = Islam

While England's police are painting their nails and wearing high heels and Sweden is calling in their military to handle Islamic no-go zones, don't say no one warned us about Islam, especially Al Wilson.

You can't deal with the devil and get a fair deal. - Old saying

It is not in human nature to deceive others for any long time, without in a measure deceiving ourselves also. - Cardinal Newman

Men speak of some that have two faces in one hood.
- St Thomas More

Instead of saying thanks, the snake gave her a vicious bite. - Al Wilson

While watching this video think: West/Woman. Islam/Snake.

Making Memories: A Grandma's Pleasure

We love visiting our children and grandchildren. One of the things I like best is thinking about making memories for the children. On our latest visit to our son in Texas and his family we decided to celebrate their new home, (They moved in July.), with a housewarming party.

Tonight was the big night. I made my son's favorite dinner, also a favorite of the kids, parmesan chicken made with a white wine sauce instead of the traditional tomato-based sauce and served with alfredo noodles. Salad, warm bread, apple sauce, and cottage cheese accompanied the dinner. See more here.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Needless to Say the Mainstream Media Isn't Telling You about This Transgender Crime!

Miguel Martinez, accused rapist
Transsexual Male Faces Trial for Raping Ten Year Old Family Friend after Luring Her into Women's Rest Room!

Oh but the media will assure us that men masquerading as women are no danger to little girls. After all, they're really women, right? So they'll act like women.


Let's all sit down at the Mad Hatter's tea party and discuss how important it is to respect gender identity. Because these poor "women" are the real victims in society -- not the little 10-year-old Wyoming girl paying the price for society's insanity! So will you let your ten-year-old daughters go to the bathrooms at Target and other politically correct places that welcome men pretending to be women to follow little girls on in?

The Chain Link Cathedral

My favorite book by Sheen
St. Augustine wrote, ““You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you.”  Blessed Fulton J. Sheen wrote of this restlessness in his book Peace of Soul.  He showed us how there is a longing to reconcile ourselves with truth and come to rest in knowing answers to all the things that trouble us throughout our lives.  Until we have found the fullness of truth there is no enduring peace in our hearts.  

As the world grows less and less religious and membership in churches of all denominations around the globe continues to decline,  it becomes ever more obvious each day how true this longing is and how in spite of man’s rejection of God through professed faith, that longing persists.  It is a longing to achieve inner peace in an ever more violent world.  It is the desire to comfort ourselves with something beautiful and pure and innocent.  We walk away from God, but the farther away we get, the more restless we are to be at peace, to have order and dignity and calm in our lives.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Every Young Woman Needs to see This!

Dr Jordan Peterson
Dr Jordan Peterson is the University of Toronto psychology professor currently taking on gender-neutral pronouns. The BBC reports, "His employers have warned that, while they support his right to academic freedom and free speech, he could run afoul of the Ontario Human Rights code and his faculty responsibilities should he refuse to use alternative pronouns when requested.
Dr Amanda W Peet
Professor of Physics
University of Toronto
They also said they have received complaints from students and faculty [no doubt self proclaimed "non-binary" transgender physics professor Amanda Peet] that his comments are "unacceptable, emotionally disturbing and painful" and have urged him to stop repeating them.
Dr Peterson has said if he is brought up before the Ontario Court of Human Rights and put in prison he will go on a hunger strike. 
Dr Peterson has several worthwhile videos on YouTube for those of us not fortunate enough to be students in his classroom. Below is an exceptional video that every young woman should watch, especially those thinking careers should be considered first before children and family. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dymphna Explains the Latin Mass for You.

Never been to a Traditional Latin Mass and worry that you just won't get it? Put your mind at ease by reading Dymphna's explanation, and then why not check one out. If you love reverence and want to enter into a profound experience of silence in Communion with our God, you will be moved by the TLM. "Let us go into the altar of God, unto God who gives joy to my youth."

The Wisdom of Walker Percy

We were in a restaurant in Meridian, Mississippi recently and on the stairs leading to the second floor there were photographs of Mississippi's favorite sons (and daughters). Among them were Walker Percy, the MD turned novelist and his Uncle Will whom Percy often mentions in his essays. Uncle Will (who was really a cousin) raised Walker and his brother after their dad committed suicide and their mother died two years later. Walker had great affection for him. Seeing Percy's photo on the wall got me thinking about him. I'm a big fan and have a goal to read all his work, both fiction and non-fiction. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Ah, the Jesuits, you just gotta laugh and you will when you read this!

This is too funny not to share. And, sadly, too true. You can't make fun of the Jesuits because they are too busy making fun of themselves!

Well, here's a real role model for children - the transgender-demon!

So...let's get this straight. The librarians at the Michelle Obama Library in Long Beach believed this was a good idea -- to have a horned demon drag queen reading stories to little children? But my bigger question is why would parents enable this abuse? What are they thinking of? If this is tolerance, I revel in being intolerant! Read more here.

Please Pray for This Dear Dominican Priest and Praise God for His Providence

I'm sharing below an email I received from an email friend, Fr. Bartholomew Ruben de la Torre, O.P. Please join me in praying for his speedy recovery. Mary Ann

You haven't heard from me because I almost died!

Dear relatives, friends and correspondents,

     The title is correct, and here is background.
     On Sat. Oct 7, Feast of O.L. of the Rosary, I attended the 40th priestly anniversary of a friend of mine, Dominican Fr. Fernando Romero, in a little town called El Oro, out in the rural and mountainous territory in the center of the country some 2 1/2 hrs. out of Mexico City. I had a great time. On Mon., Oct. 9, another Dominican, Fr. Arturo Vargas, drove me back to the Dominican parish where he lives in Mexico City called Divino Redentor. The young deacon, soon to be ordain a priest, Bro. Pedro, came to my room, whose door I had left open, to ask what I wanted for dinner and found me incoherent and on the floor.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Random Thoughts about a UkrainianByzantine Rite Mass We Attended

  • The Mass was a beautiful mixture of the familiar and unfamiliar. 
  • There were several icons in the front of the church and three poles with gold objects on top behind the altar: a cross in the middle (I think) and discs with designs on either side. At one point, two of the altar boys came with the discs and held them over the priest like what's being done in the photo on the right. 
  • In front of the altar was a table with an icon (as pictured) and many people came up and venerated it before Mass. 
  • There were six altar boys wearing gold vestments matching the priest's and quite beautiful; several couldn't have been more than six. They were very reverent and so sweet -- like little cherubs.